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Based on feedback from DOT-OSPAI workshop on Registration of OSP held in Chennai on 23.12.2008, following clarifications are issued regarding the terms and conditions of OSP registration.

Para No.
Explanation /Clarification

Ch-III, Para-1(2)

Network Diagram:

The        The Authorised Telecom Service Providers shall provide resources to the OSP after examining the network diagram of the network proposed to be setup by the OSP and after ensuring its bonafide use. OSPs shall submit a copy of the network diagram approved by the Telecom Service Provider (TSP) to VTM Cells for records and verification.


For new registration, Network Diagram shall be submitted within one month from the date of commissioning of resources or within three months from the date of registration, whichever is earlier.  

Ch-II, Para- 1(2)(iv)

Para- 1(2)(vi)

Para- 1(2)(x)

Changes in Registration:

     Any change in the location of OSP Centre shall require amendment in the original registration.

     The OSP shall intimate the Authority in case the OSP proposes to change the POP or add another POP.

The   OSP shall inform the Authority, with supporting documents, if there is change in the name or address of the company as stated in the Performa submitted at the time of registration.

No clarification is required.

For any change in POP, intimation to the TERM Cell shall be submitted within one month. 

For change of name or address of the company, request of OSP to the TERM Cell shall be sufficient and the TERM Cell shall issue the amendment to registration. However, when change of address is accompanied by changes in basic network diagram, then the diagram duly authenticated, shall be submitted within one month after commissioning the resources.

Ch-II, Para- 1(1)

New registration:

      Registration may be granted to any company to provide application services.

Registration of new call center should not be delayed on the pretext of inspection/investigation of existing call center.

Ch-II Para- 1(2)(iii)

Attestation of documents:

       All the documents must be certified with seal by either Company Secretary or one of the Directors of the Company or Statutory Auditors or Public Notary.

Attestation on first and last page of Memorandum & Article of Association may be accepted if it is printed hard copy.

Ch-IV, Para- 2(b)

Bank Gurantees in respect of existing registration:

     As per new guidelines, the amount of Bank Guarantee (BG) prescribed for sharing of infrastructure by Domestic and International OSPs of the same Company has been reduced.  Further, requirement of submission of BG of Rs.10 lakhs for availing outgoing PSTN lines by a Domestic OSP has been dispensed with.


Since new guidelines prescribe Rs. 0.5 Cr and Rs 1 Cr for Option I & II respectively, instead of Rs.2.5 Cr and Rs. 5 Cr, the amounts of BG shall be reduced at the time of renewal of registration of the existing OSPs. 

Since the BG of Rs10 lakhs has been dispensed with, the same shall be returned to the OSPs.

Ch-III, Para- 1(1)

Use of Foreign VoIP Minutes by OSPs:

The OSP shall take the Telecom Resources from an authorized telecom service provider only.

It is clarified that use of Foreign VoIP Minutes by OSPs is not permissible.

2.         The TERM Cells are requested to take necessary action as per the above decisions.

(S.P Singh)
Director (CS-I)


1.    Heads of all TERM Cells (as per list).
2.    Heads of all CCAs (as per list)
3.    DDG(LF), DoT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi

Copy to:-       The Secretary General, Other Service Providers Association of India, Office No.5, B-10-11, Chanakya Complex, Subhash Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi – 110092, w.r.t. their letter dated 15.1.2009.

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